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This is what we’ve been up to recently!

Our new website is here!

Megan looking at our new website on her tablet.

What do you think of it?

Disney World

Sam hugging Mickey Mouse.

There’s an awful lot of hugging in Disney World today…

It’s Lucy’s birthday!

Lucy by the sea.

Happy Birthday lovely Lucy.

Big month for Megan

Selfie from Megan

Can’t wait for October!

Hilly’s photos of Brighton

Sunset sky over rooftop in Brighton

Hilly loves taking photos. Here are some fantastic shots of Brighton.

Planning our new website

Katy and the members of “The Specials”

Meeting up with Katy to talk about our new website.

It’s Lewis’s birthday!

Lewis giving the thumbs up.

This gorgeous man has just turned 28.

Zach’s voiceover day

Zach speaking into a microphone.

Zach recording voiceover for a new film about his life at secondary school.

Richard’s birthday picnic

Megan, Kez and Lucy in the park.

Party in the sunshine!

It’s Hilly’s birthday!

Hilly blowing out candles on her cake.

Hilly celebrates turning 28 with a massive pink French Fancy cake.