season 3

Hi Guys

Really enjoyed season 2. Wanting season 3 already! What is it like having the cameras following you around? Do you mind it? Would you like to do a season 3?
Thank you, Resi

Glad you enjoyed season 2! I really like the cameras because it’s what makes the specials, so others can see us. Yes please to season 3 :)
Love Sam

I like having a camera following me around. It's quite easy to ignore that they are there and it feels like I'm just talking to people. I'd like to make season three with Katy and Dan, but it takes time to do it. I hope my friends would like to make it too. Love Megan

Hiya, I like the cameras and helping Katy and Dan out with the filming. Yesss to season 3 and hopefully no more stupid chickens! Love Lewis

I enjoyed the video of you and Sam helping Dan make a sound booth. You seem to be good at that sort of thing! Have you ever built anything else? A chicken coop, maybe?

I like it when the cameras are following me, it's good. I feel happy and smiling and feel like I'm on TV. Love Hilly x x x

As a Specials fan, I really hope there will be a Season 3....and so good to know how much you've enjoyed being filmed!