Very Late to This

Hi there,

I came very late to The Specials. I originally watched both season when they were on YouTube during lockdown. Like lots of people it was a rough time and I was unable to work. I really wanted to subscribe then to show how much I appreciate the work you all did but couldn't afford too. Recently things have gotten better work wise and so I had to sign up for a years subscription.

I wanted to thank everyone involved in The Specials for their honesty and openness throughout the project. It's a joy to watch day to day life of people with LD and just see it presented as a part of life. It's vital to see people presented as complex, flawed, annoying, funny, and human as everyone else, and this series manages that brilliantly. I've noticed how quiet things have been here over the last few years, and I've no way to know if anyone is even going to read this, but I would be wrong of me not to tell everyone it's been my privilege to enjoy this small look into your lives.


Hello Paul! Thank you very much for your lovely message. It means so much to know people are still discovering our show. You clearly really get what we were trying to achieve when we all came together to film Season 1 & 2. It is true that things have gone quiet on here, but we all still dream of making another series one day, or at the very least a special one-off episode. Covid made things tricky for a while, but hopefully we will be able to sort something out in the not to distant future. Thank you so much for your support! Katy

Oh, lummy, Katy! Hello. Loving your work!

A third season would be cracking, though a one off special would also be rather lovely (do the full season, with the first episode a special catch up, you know you want to!)

Until there's more news thanks again, and I'll enjoy pootling around the site and checking out the Xtra Special Zone stuff.