Season 1 — Trailer

Sam and Hilly laughing together at the seafront.

Meet Sam, Hilly, Lucy, Lewis and Megan, 5 friends with intellectual disabilities who share a house in Brighton.

Season 2 — Trailer

Lewis, Hilly, Megan, Sam and Lucy sitting on a bench. Lucy is kissing Sam on the cheek.
2 years on from Season 1, Sam, Hilly, Lucy, Lewis and Megan still share a house and are still the best of friends. Season 2 follows the gang as they do a whole lot of growing up from getting engaged, to starting work and in Sam’s case, maybe even finally getting the girl…

Season 2 — Tease

Daniel & Lucy in Episode 2 of Season 2.

Season 2 of The Specials has arrived! Two years on from Season 1, fans have the chance to catch up with the lives of Sam, Hilly, Lucy, Lewis and Megan.

Xtra Special Zone — Trailer


Visit the Xtra Special Zone over the coming year to see loads of new content including documentaries on transition, independent living, family life and loads of fun outtakes.

Home at Last — Trailer

Hilly hugging Carol

Spanning 27 years from Hilly’s birth to the present day, this 4 part series tells the story of how Hilly’s mum Carol & her stepdad Dafydd, set up the home she shares with her friends.

Our Brothers & Sisters — Part 1 — Trailer

Sam as a toddler with his sister Amy.

Ever wondered about our brothers and sisters? Well in this 3-part series you get to meet some of them! Subscribe to the Xtra Special Zone to watch the first part — more are coming soon!

“The Specials” has a brand new website!

Lewis, Lucy, Sam, Megan and Hilly sitting on the wall outside their house.

Visit to watch Season 1 & Season 2 and join the “Xtra Special Zone” where we have loads of new content.

Coming up in 2018

Coming up in 2018…

2018 is going to be an exciting year on our website, packed with new films, new stories and new people. Subscribe for an Access All Areas pass in January and get 25% off!

If I could go back… — Trailer

Collage of images of parents talking to the camera.

Inspiring montage film bringing together moving videos contributed by parents all over the world who have children with Down’s Syndrome.

A day in my life: Zach — Trailer

Zach sitting at his desk at school.

Free clip Short excerpt from our documentary following Zach during a typical day at his secondary school.