Say ‘Hello’

Here are some of the wonderful people who watch our show all over the world! If you’re a fan of “The Specials”, send us an email at and introduce yourself. Include a photo or a video of you saying ‘hi’ and we’ll share it here.

Andrew Tiffin

Andrew in his Doctor Who coat

Andrew discovered “The Specials” in March 2018 at his local Mencap.


Mackenzie smiling at the camera.

Mackenzie has sent us a video all the way from Michigan, USA!


6 year old Zeke sitting on a dinosaur

Zeke, is 6 — nearly 7! — and comes from Nottingham.

Freddie Saunders Biggs

Freddie Saunders Biggs looking cool

Freddie, 21, is from Bristol & goes to a college specialising in catering & hospitality.

Samuel Zoeller

Sam chatting with Father Christmas.

Samuel, 3, is from Brazil & is making sure Father Christmas gets his presents right!

Catherine Smith

A photo of a ginger cat

Catherine is a writer from Lewes and is a longtime fan of “The Specials”.

Natasha Jones

Natasha Jones

Natasha, 28, is from California. She loves making art and takes her fitness very seriously. We love her videos!

Christopher Curtland

Christopher has given us the thumbs up from across the pond!

John Ryan

John Ryan smiling.

John has sent us a beautiful song he has written called "City of Love".

Kirsty Brain

Kirsty and her friend.

Kirsty has got in touch from New Zealand!

Sam Jefferis

Sam Jefferis and Sam together outside “The Specials” house.

Sam, 17, is from Australia and came to see us when he was in the UK.

Olivia Grace

Olivia Grace

Olivia, 8, sent us the cutest video all the way from Round Rock, Texas.

ACC Digital

ACC Digital

These guys are based in West Sussex, UK where they run a creative hub for people with intellectual disabilities. Check out their film where they talk about all the things they get up to.