Coming soon…

Here are some films coming soon to the Xtra Special Zone. If there are other films or content you would like to see get in touch.

Our Brothers & Sisters — Part 2

Hilly and Poppy as teenagers.
We continue our documentary series Our Brothers & Sisters. In Part 2 Sam, Hilly, Megan, Lewis and their siblings share stories about their teenage years…

Awesome Audrey Emily

Audrey in her high chair.
Filming began 2 years ago at Audrey’s 2nd birthday party. Since then Katy has dipped into the lives of Audrey and her parents Vicky and Ted and together they are making a lovely documentary series sharing the ups and downs of family life.

A day in my life: Zach

Zach in his guitar lesson at school.
We had a fantastic day following Zach, a 15 year old from Bristol, who is a pupil at a mainstream school. If you would like us to cover a typical day in your life, get in touch!

If I could go back…

Collage of contributers to “If I could go back…”
Our continuing series of incredible videos from parents all over the world who have children with intellectual disabilities. They talk honestly about their feelings at the time of diagnosis and tell us what advice they would give to their former selves now. If you would like to send in your own film please contact us.

Home at Last — Part 3

Sam, Hilly, Lewis and Hilly.
Part 3 of “Home at Last” continues as Carol & Dafydd talk about their struggle to set up “The Specials” home. The housemates, their parents and support workers look back on those exciting early days and share their own experiences of independent living.

Home at Last — Part 4

Megan, Sam, Hilly, and Lewis.
Part 4 of “Home at Last” will bring the story of Hilly & her friends up to date. The housemates have done a lot of growing up over the years and you will hear reflections from parents, siblings and support workers as well as the gang themselves. It’s been quite a journey so far…

Lucy at Bevern View

Lucy and one of the clients at Bevern View.
We catch up with our Lucy & her work at Bevern View, a home for people with profound disabilities.

Our Support

Ever wondered what it’s like to wake up Sam first thing in the morning? Watch a series of interviews with the support workers of “The Specials” who are with the guys 24/7. First up Robbie, the manager of “The Specials” house.

Our Brothers & Sisters — Part 3

Megan with her siblings in 2015.
The final part of our series follows the siblings as they enter adulthood and begin to live independently. How have their relationships evolved and how do they see the future?