Season 2 outtakes

14 brand new scenes! Filming of Season 2 took place over one year, so there was a lot of good stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor…

Lewis vs the duvet

Lewis hidden under a duvet cover.

One of Lewis' least favourite chores…

Beat Express

Chris playing the drums.

Chris’ band “Beat Express” are playing at a political demonstration.

Megan & Sam discuss flirting

Megan and Sam on the sofa.

Things get interesting when Lewis asks Megan and Sam about their relationship…

Playboy Girls

Daniel singing at the Rock House.

Here’s a very early performance from the amazing Daniel Wakeford.

Lewis & Sam's Valentine's night

Lewis and Sam on the sofa.

Sam & Lewis's Valentine's night at home wasn't all doom & gloom…

Sam tells how it went with Debbie

Sam talking to Lewis and Lucy.

Lewis and Lucy find out how Sam did with Debbie.

Paul on the breakup

Paul talking to us on his bed.

Paul talks about his relationship with Hilly.

Morning of Megan and Sam's date


It's been a long time coming, but the day of Megan & Sam's date has finally arrived.

Career chat

Sam & Robbie on the park bench.

Robbie chats to Sam about work…

Lounging on the beach

Sam & Megan on a sun lounger.

The gang laze around on the beach in Ibiza.

Cissbury United's final match of the season

Sam running out of the changing rooms in his football kit.

Can Cissbury United beat win the league cup for the very first time?

Megan on her mainstream primary school

Megan in her bedroom.

Megan reflects on her experiences at both a mainstream and an SEN school.

Engagement party invitations

Hilly & Paul in the stationery shop.

Hilly & Paul are finally throwing the big party to celebrate their engagement.

Lucy's family at “Race For Life”

Lucy hugging her mum.

A moment we wished we could have squeezed into the final episode of Season 2.