Season 1 outtakes

12 extra scenes not included in the Season 1 broadcast episodes. Some are favourite scenes from the web series like Lewis & Sam’s golf trip. But others have never been seen before, including Lucy & Sam talking about their past relationship.

Lucy & Sam on their past


Housemates Lucy & Sam went out together for a long time…

Megan & her mum on leaving home

Angie (Megan's mum)

Megan, her mum and Carol reflect on what Megan leaving home and living independently means to them.

Lewis is making tea

Lewis making tea

We all love drinking tea in the house and Lewis is the master at making it.

Lewis is reading the paper

Lewis reading the newspaper

A scene that was in webisode 4 but was cut out when we made the broadcast episodes of Season 1. We've always loved it, so here it is again.

Lucy's lessons in love


Lucy decides to get involved when she thinks Lewis isn't giving his girlfriend Megan enough attention.

Hilly on healthy eating

Hilly reading on her bed

Hilly is reading up on healthy eating — she's taking this very seriously!

Lewis & Sam hit the driving range

Lewis at the driving range

You gotta love Lewis here!

Special Olympic Flame

Megan at the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics

A scene we had to cut from webisode 7 when it was combined with webisode 8 to make episode 4 for broadcast. Here we see Megan at the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics in Leicester as they enjoy the music, dancing and the lighting of the Olympic Flame.

The gang hear Michael Jackson has died

Sam looking shocked on hearing Michael Jackson has died

This scene was originally in webisode 8, but was cut out when we combined webisodes 7 & 8 into episode 4 for the broadcast version of Season 1.

Sam the stuntman…

Sam with his legs in the air as the gang look on

Sam can be accident prone…

Sam asks for advice

Sam laughing at the dinner table

Sam asks everyone at the dinner table for advice on asking out Dom. He doesn't get the answers he was hoping for…

Megan reflects on her new life & Sam


Four months since she moved in, Megan talks about how she finds her new life.