Lucy’s profile film from Season 1 (2009).

My favourite things…

Take That, West Life.
TV Programmes
Eastenders, Coronation Street.
Stardust, Night at the Museum.
Ronnie & Roxie (Eastenders).
Spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, strawberry cheesecake.
Drink when out on the town
Cocktails or Malibu and pineapple.
Perfect night out
Nightclubbing — I love dancing. Or going out on a date with my boyfriend Nick — walking on the beach — romantic.
A collage of 3 photographs: Lucy in fancy dress as Tinkerbell, Hilly and Lucy, Lucy in sun glasses.
Lucy on holiday with a sun hat.

Q & A

Describe each housemate in one word…
Hilly — lovely, Lewis — makes me laugh, Sam — pain in the backside, Megan — gorgeous.
Who is the most irritating person in the house?
Sam — he's silly all the time.
What are your ambitions?
Teach dancing.
What hobbies do you have?
Swimming, bowling, going out with Nick — my boyfriend.
What is your learning disability?
Downs Syndrome.
What kinds of things do you struggle with?
I can spell some things, not others. Hard to get things out of my head.
What do your support workers help you with?
Any problems I go and talk to them.
Collage of 6 photographs: Lucy next to a tree; Lucy sleeping on the train with Hilly; Lucy singing into a microphone; Sam, Lucy, Lewis and Hilly on holiday; Lucy on Brighton beach; Lucy in sunglasses.